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February 21, 2017

Why is Medical Billing Training and Certification Important?

Medical billing professionals play an essential role in healthcare. Their work is complex, detail-oriented, and directly affects the financial well-being of healthcare practices. The demand on healthcare providers is increasing, and ambiguity among payers can make claims processing a frustrating process. For this reason, many practices are enlisting the help of trained, certified medical billing […]

Surgical Team Discussing Medical Billing November 22, 2016

Guidelines for Selecting the Right Surgical Medical Billing Provider

Outsourcing medical billing services for surgical clinics not only enhances claims settlements but also guarantees adherence to regulations. This improvement is achieved through meticulous collection procedures, precise and prompt billing execution, and up-to-date comprehension of documentation norms. In this article, we provide a series of valuable insights to consider while searching for an optimal medical […]

Medical Collections October 25, 2016

How Smarter Medical Collections Can Improve Your Practice’s Finances

According to the America’s Health Insurance Plans’ Census of Health Savings Account – High Deductible Health Plans, the number of individuals enrolled in a high deductible health plan reached 19.7 million in January of 2015. This number is a dramatic increase from the 17.4 million reported in 2014. With payment responsibility heavily shifting toward the […]

Medical Billing Mistakes Can Cost You Money September 29, 2016

Steer Clear of these Medical Billing Mistakes for a Successful Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Efficient revenue cycle management ensures that healthcare providers can focus on what matters most: giving quality care to their patients. However, providers often struggle to bill effectively. Below are the most common errors committed by practices and clinics that prevent them from billing properly and collecting on money that the practice is owed. Collecting incorrect […]

February 1, 2016

Increase Your Revenue with Professional Billing Services

Medical billing is a crucial part of running any healthcare practice. Providers depend on accurate and efficient billing practices in order to receive reimbursements from payers in a timely manner. With numerous PQRS and meaningful use requirements, running an efficient practice is becoming more difficult. Staff members and healthcare professionals are required to stay up […]

Iowa flag November 27, 2013

Finding the Right Medical Billing Service in Iowa for Your Healthcare Practice

Effective billing practices are necessary to keep companies in business – and healthcare organizations are no exception. However, with physicians eager to focus on patient care rather than back-end finances, it can be difficult to run a healthy business. This is where medical billing services come into play. In Iowa, third-party medical billing experts help […]

November 5, 2013

Tips for Preventing Claims Denials

Claims denials are a source of revenue loss for many healthcare facilities, specifically for those in Ohio. Yet organizations are often unaware as to how to improve the claims submission process. This lack of knowledge can result in repeated denials and interruptions in cash flow. Plus, when claims are not appealed or resubmitted for review, […]

October 30, 2013

Preventing Billing Mistakes with the Help of Expert Oklahoma Medical Billers

Medical billing mistakes can lead to claims denials and delays in payment, affecting Oklahoma healthcare providers’ bottom lines. To prevent mistakes, increase cash flow and improve revenue cycle efficiency, providers often choose to outsource their revenue cycle needs to an Oklahoma billing service. Doing so saves time and money and ensures that billing processes are […]

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