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Can AI Streamline Medical Claims Processing? May 16, 2024

AI streamlines claims processing

AI and healthcare integration show promise, especially in complex medical claims processing, where healthcare providers evaluate and submit claims for their services. Claims processing has long been prone to errors resulting in denials and rejections. However, artificial intelligence could revolutionize claims processing and empower billing professionals and medical coders to maintain a practice’s financial health.  […]

The Importance of Timely Claims Submission: How Medical Billing Services Can Expedite Payments September 6, 2023

claims submission

Discover the critical role of submitting claims promptly in the healthcare industry. Explore how medical billing services act as accelerators, ensuring swift payment processing.

Coding Guideline for Psychologists and Psychiatrists for Virtual Consults 2023 May 15, 2023

psychologists and psychiatrists for virtual consults

Psychiatrists and psychologists were required to follow a new coding guideline starting in October 2022. This guideline applies to the calendar year 2023.

How to Achieve Clean Claims at First Submission July 1, 2021


Have you ever kept track of the percentage of claims that are paid on the first try? To be successful with the medical billing process, claims must be watched and amended, the reasons for denials must be correctly identified, and necessary action must be performed before beginning. Here’s all you need to know about medical billing claim filing and how to get a clean bill.

Tips for Preventing Claims Denials November 5, 2013

Claims denials are a source of revenue loss for many healthcare facilities, specifically for those in Ohio. Yet organizations are often unaware as to how to improve the claims submission process. This lack of knowledge can result in repeated denials and interruptions in cash flow. Plus, when claims are not appealed or resubmitted for review, […]

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