Comprehensive Billing Services Using Free Office Ally Medical Billing Software

Office Ally billing services

medical billing outsourcing At 5 Star Billing Services, our billing and coding professionals make sure you get the most out of your Office Ally billing software.

Office Ally has made billing convenient for physicians and practices by offering a free online service accessible through the web. In addition to their free, web-based billing services, Office Ally also offers an EMR/EHR software for a monthly fee.

Our medical billing and coding experts are available to support practices using Office Ally, so you can dedicate more time to what matters most: your patients.

How We Can Improve Your Office Ally Billing Process

Let us Handle Your Medical Billing Outsourcing Needs

Our billing service helps increase collections, decrease claims denials, and maintain healthier accounts receivable.

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Office Ally Medical Billing for Practices, Hospitals, and Clinics

Office Ally medical billing allows for multiple physicians, either in the same practice or in different practice locations, to use the software. It also enables you to customize superbills.

Office Ally also offers unlimited, free training. However, our medical billing professionals are proficient in Office Ally medical billing software, allowing us to offer efficient and transparent billing services to providers using this software with no extra training needed.

When you invest in outsourced medical billing services, there is no need for your administrative staff to constantly be up-to-date with revisions to the ICD-10 code, billing regulations, or documentation practices. Additionally, there is no need to continue to allocated resources towards operational costs associated with in-house billing, such as paying for extra office space and hiring additional office staff.

Let Us Manage Your Medical Billing With Free Office Ally Billing Software

Are you ready to reduce operational costs and drive up revenue for your practice? Let us help you achieve and maintain efficient and effective revenue cycle management while using Office Ally billing software.

Contact us today online or call us at 480-999-0180 to learn more about how our medical billing experts can maximize your revenue using Office Ally billing software.

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