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Outsource medical billing April 20, 2018

Increasing Practice Revenue by Outsourcing Billing

Clinics busy with patients, doctors and staff can gain considerable benefits by thinking about how to streamline their workflow and make key elements of the practice more efficient. One area to consider is the revenue process and whether the needs of the practice are best met internally, or through the utilization of an external billing […]

new year medical billing January 24, 2018

Successful Medical Billing in 2018

Billing in the new year, 2018, can come with a range of challenges for any size practice. From the extensive administrative burden of billing, to the time taken to get authorization from insurers, and preparing complex patient statements; it can be a difficult time that feels like a heavy weight on your back with ‘significant […]

Revenue Cycle Management September 25, 2017

How to Turn Your Revenue Cycle Management Process Around

The efficiency of the your practice’s revenue cycle can have a critical impact on financial performance, and effective management of the cycle is of utmost importance to your practice. However revenue cycle management within health practices is becoming increasingly difficult, with greater administrative responsibilities and regulatory pressures.

podiatry billing tips June 30, 2017

5 Tips For Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service

For the most part, medical billing companies are designed to offer a generalized service to all types of medical practices. Not distinguishing between the various different medical fields, these companies offer a broad “one size fits all” kind of approach when it comes to the billing services they provide. This approach, though beneficial to them, […]

Medical Billing Service May 31, 2017

What to Ask a Medical Billing Service Before Hiring Them

Hiring a skilled medical billing service can help your practice by greatly reducing administrative costs, ensuring an uninterrupted cash flow, increasing your bottom line, and — most importantly — allowing you to focus on medicine and patient care. But first, you have to choose the right team to work with. Here are the three most […]

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