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Finding the Right Medical Billing Service in Iowa for Your Healthcare Practice November 27, 2013

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Iowa flagEffective billing practices are necessary to keep companies in business – and healthcare organizations are no exception. However, with physicians eager to focus on patient care rather than back-end finances, it can be difficult to run a healthy business. This is where medical billing services come into play. In Iowa, third-party medical billing experts help medical practices maximize reimbursements and reduce costs, while putting patients first.

This trend is picking up all across the United States, according to a study released earlier this year by Black Book Rankings which found that 71 percent of practices are looking to improve revenue cycle management through a combination of outsourcing and new software. Outsourcing billing processes, after all, is often more cost effective than doing the same functions in-house. This is especially the case for small practices, organizations with a high turnover rate, and businesses just starting out.

For physicians in Iowa, a medical billing service can handle tasks and processes such as:

  • Entering data for all charges correctly for claims going to Medicare of Iowa and other payers
  • Submitting electronic and paper claims to primary and secondary insurers , including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid of Iowa
  • Knowing the information that Wellmark-Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid of Iowa require to get paid
  • Tracking and following-up on unpaid claims
  • Posting payments
  • Preparing patient statements
  • Customizing medical billing reports

Whether you are interested in having a third-party billing service in Iowa take over your practice’s entire billing process or just a few parts of your business, choosing the right outsourcing partner can be the right move for your business. It can help you eliminate expenses, reduce denials, and increase payments coming in to your practice.

If you don’t currently have a billing or practice management system, find a billing service that uses its own software; and find out whether it can interface with your electronic health record system. Many medical billing companies can also adapt to the needs of your practice by working with your existing billing software. This is important, seeing as the most efficient billing departments tend to be those whose organizations have implemented fully integrated EHR and practice management platforms. An integrated solution can help improve charge capture and reduce denials. Most importantly, it can help you get paid faster.

There are many benefits to working with an Iowa medical billing service. To find out how 5 Star Billing Services can help your practice be more successful, call 480-821-1371.

Third-Party Medical Billers Facilitate Collections for Iowa Providers October 23, 2012

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Are you an Iowa provider struggling to meet your practice’s billing demands while providing high-quality patient care? Many small physician practices find that working with a third-party Iowa medical billing service is the best way to maximize revenue streams while focusing on care delivery. Here are some of the reasons why Iowa physicians choose third-party medical billers for their billing and accounts receivable processes.

When billing departments are understaffed, it slows down incoming cash flow. By outsourcing medical billing to a third-party service, however, Iowa healthcare providers do not have to worry about employee shortages or gaps in the collections cycle. Instead, third-party billing professionals ensure that billing processes are carried out on time and that incoming cash flow remains constant.

The hiring process can be never-ending for practices with a high employee turnover rate. Not only that, but constantly recruiting and training medical billers wastes organizations’ time and money. This is not a problem, however, for Iowa physicians who employ medical billing services that handle the hiring and training themselves. Plus, having a large network of billers at their disposal ensures that no work is ever left undone – whether an employee is out sick, on vacation, or decides to leave the company.

Experienced medical billers can bring in more money to the practice. Not all medical billers possess the same knowledge and skills – and one biller may not be capable of bringing in the same amount of money for your practice as the next. This can be due to a lack of experience working with a certain medical specialty, insurance company, or software. By working with a third-party medical billing company, however, providers can ensure that the people handling their practice’s billing processes have the necessary knowledge to get claims paid on time.

Learn more about the benefits of using third-party medical billers, such as 5 Star Billing Services.

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