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AI streamlines claims processing May 16, 2024

Can AI Streamline Medical Claims Processing?

AI and healthcare integration show promise, especially in complex medical claims processing, where healthcare providers evaluate and submit claims for their services. Claims processing has long been prone to errors resulting in denials and rejections. However, artificial intelligence could revolutionize claims processing and empower billing professionals and medical coders to maintain a practice’s financial health.  […]

medical billing May 15, 2024

How Will ICD-11 Impact My Medical Billing Department?

The healthcare industry is preparing to switch from ICD-10 to ICD-11, and medical billing departments must adapt quickly and efficiently. If your billing department is not well-equipped, it can result in severe consequences, such as coding errors and delayed reimbursements. In this blog, we’ll delve into the practical implications of ICD-11 for billing professionals. We’re […]

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