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medical billing outsourcingAt 5 Star Billing Services, we help chiropractic providers overcome challenges associated with maintaining efficient and effective revenue cycle management.

No practice should lose revenue because of errors in billing code entry, uncollected payments, or unverified insurance eligibility.

The #1 Option for ChiroTouch Medical Billing

We understand that chiropractic practices have unique requirements when it comes to EHR and practice management. For this reason, our chiropractic billing and coding specialists are ChiroTouch billing experts.

Let us drastically decrease your operational costs and increase your overall revenue by managing your revenue cycle directly through ChiroTouch EHR software.

We are proficient with ChiroTouch’s interactive accounts receivable feature, allowing us to offer efficient and transparent billing services to providers using this EMR software.

ChiroTouch Billing Software for Chiropractors

ChiroTouch offers practices convenient features, such as automated insurance alerts. Your practice is notified if a patient is ineligible for coverage due to the expiration of their authorized visit period or if they have reached the maximum allowable visits.

Diagnosis and treatment codes are transferred from the provider screen to the front desk screen, eliminating a manual entry step, where errors are likely to occur.

These features eliminate the need for administrative staff to complete tasks manually, reducing the probability of errors in data entry. However, only chiropractic billing and coding professionals can ensure that revenues are maximized and operational costs associated with billing tasks and errors are significantly reduced.

You can continue to enjoy all of the convenient and user-friendly features of ChiroTouch billing services while working with 5 Star Billing Services.

Let Us Help You Maximize Revenue Using ChiroTouch Billing Software

We want to join your team. Let us maximize your revenue using ChiroTouch billing software so you can concentrate on what matters most - your patients.

Contact us today online or call us at 480-821-1371 to learn more about how our Chiropractic Billing Experts can maximize your revenue using ChiroTouch billing software.

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