5 Tips For Choosing a Podiatry Billing Service

podiatry billing tips June 30, 2017

For the most part, medical billing companies are designed to offer a generalized service to all types of medical practices. Not distinguishing between the various different medical fields, these companies offer a broad “one size fits all” kind of approach when it comes to the billing services they provide.

This approach, though beneficial to them, as they can service more clients in this way, does not necessarily fully support your podiatry practice.

As a specialist yourself, you will appreciate that your practice has specific billing demands that require the services of a billing company that can understand your needs. It makes sense therefore to choose a podiatry billing company as they will have a thorough understanding of your chosen medical field.

Podiatry Billing Service

In choosing a podiatry billing company to assist you, you will be teaming up with a company that understands exactly what kinds of services you are offering, know what prescriptions and medical products you are dispensing, and will be able to offer you the best billing strategy.

Podiatry billing companies work only with podiatrists and they already know what you are talking about, there is no need to explain what it is what you are billing for. In this way, they are able to focus their attention on getting your clients to settle their bills and offer greater customer service to your patients.

This will allow you the freedom to focus more on your practice and patients, knowing that you are outsourcing to people who understand and appreciate your medical practice as well as you do.

1. Make sure they understand the podiatry guidelines

When choosing a podiatry billing company, it is important that the company is familiar with all the relevant podiatric procedures and codes as the CMS (Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is very strict when it comes to the implementation of its billing guidelines.

The team you choose should consist of certified, professional, and experienced medical coders and billers that will ensure that your practice is kept compliant with HIPAA and OIG and be able to maximize payments and drive up revenue.

2. Check that their billing service is compatible with your EHR software

The point of outsourcing your podiatry billing services is that you want to streamline the operations of your practice and make it more efficient. In order for you to get the most benefit out of the billing service that you hire it is crucial that they are able to tie into your current EHR software.

By contracting medical billing professionals that are able to work with your EHR software, your office staff does not need to adapt to an unfamiliar system and your practice can continue running without any disturbance. This will ultimately lead to a long-term relationship that will be both productive and profitable.

3. Ask the important questions

In order for you to make a well-informed decision when choosing a podiatry billing service, you should avail yourself of certain key points.

  • What systems does the billing service have in place to protect the health information of your patients?
  • What are the monthly service costs and what additional fees do they charge?
  • How many individuals will be assigned to your account?
  • What level of experience does the company have with podiatry practices?
  • How many other podiatry practices are making use of their services?

4. Make sure that they are committed to customer service

The success of your practice correlates directly to the satisfaction of your patients. Your patients experience your services as a whole. They rate your service not only on the extent of the treatment that you provide but also the manner in which they are treated from the moment that they make their first booking to the way in which they are being billed.

Teaming up with a podiatry billing company that understands and appreciates your patient’s quarries and is thus able to explain and resolve all billing disputes, misunderstandings, and related issues as and when they occur is of unmeasured benefit.

The ability to handle billing related issues professionally and in such a way that your patients are left feeling that they have been valued as individuals goes a long way to ensure the continued growth and success of your practice.

It is important to remember that whatever the issue, the opinion of your patients does not reflect on the billing company, but on your practice. 

Choose a podiatry billing company that has a proven track record when it comes to customer care. Talk to other podiatrists and do some internet research before making a final decision, as it is after all your good name as a medical practitioner that is at stake.

5. Find a company that will keep you well informed

Make sure that you choose a billing company that is transparent.

Although you are outsourcing your medical billing in order for you to concentrate more on your patient’s needs and to streamline the day to day running of your practice, you should still be kept well informed of your billing.

It must be easy for you to at a glance evaluate the state of your billing. There must be nothing standing in your way when you want to avail yourself of any billing-related information, and it is not good enough for your billing company to say that they are dealing with it and that you needn’t concern yourself with it.

This in fact is yet another reason that you should ensure that whichever podiatric billing company you choose are compliant with your EHR software and that you have full access to all your billing records at all time.

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