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The financial health of your Surgery practice is intimately tied to the timeliness of billing and the effectiveness of account reimbursement. Our vast experience in Surgery billing services can significantly enhance your practice's profitability.

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Comprehensive, Surgery, Billing, Collections, Practice, Management, physical, reimbursement, services, prefered, outsourcing, expert,  Choosing a premier billing service is crucial for the operational side of your practice. Your Surgery billing company must have the necessary expertise to navigate the complexities of Surgery billing and modifiers. Trust 5 Star to provide the financial stability you need. For further details about our services, client testimonials, and additional information about our Surgery billing solutions, please contact us.


  • Enhanced collections and income
  • Faster payment processing and reduced stress
  • 24/7 access to your patient data and financial information
  • Complete transparency throughout the revenue cycle
  • Detailed financial and practice management reporting
  • Confidence in knowing that billing is managed by professionals, leading to increased reimbursements and income

Comprehensive Surgery Billing, Collections & Practice Management

  • 5 Star offers a full range of Surgery billing services and collections.
  • An initial assessment of your practice and accounts receivable is included to set the stage for success.
  • Our streamlined process simplifies getting started, as we are focused on ensuring you get paid.
  • Our Certified Professional Coders guarantee maximum reimbursement for your services.
  • Specialized computer systems and software are tailored specifically for surgical practices.
  • Our service encompasses patient data entry, billing statements, and follow-up.
  • Complete management of electronic claims and accounts receivable is also included.

We have the capacity to manage practices with multiple physicians and locations, while still providing the personalized attention your account deserves.

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Our billing service is designed to increase collections, decrease claims denials, and ensure healthier accounts receivable.

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Area of Expertise

arrow iconSurgery Billing and Collections
arrow iconProactive collection strategies with insurance companies
arrow iconSecuring maximum reimbursement for your services
arrow iconExceptional customer service for you and your patients
arrow iconEfficient information exchange between you & 5 Star

Electronic Claims Submission

arrow iconCertified Professional Coders on our team
arrow iconRemote access to all your patient data
arrow iconView patient balances and transaction history
arrow iconComprehensive end-of-month reports
arrow iconRegular issuance of patient statements

Receivables Management

  • Coding
  • Billing
  • Relations with payers
  • Relations with patients
  • Collections
  • Client reporting
  • Fee analysis
  • Management of managed-care contracts

Your Surgery Billing Company

A Surgery billing company should not only increase your reimbursements but also be more efficient and effective at billing than your own office. It should allow you and your staff to focus on patient care, making your practice more profitable than in-house billing.

Industry experts consider a claims adjustment rate of 20% to 35% as acceptable. At 5 Star, our account executives, with an average of eight years in surgery billing, consistently achieve lower adjustment rates, sometimes as low as 12% with Medicare. This expertise translates to higher A/R rates for our practices compared to the industry average, resulting in a higher average return per processed claim.

5 Star Billing Services goes beyond traditional claims processing by offering a comprehensive range of benefits and services. Our advanced billing system generates accurately coded claims daily and submits them electronically, ensuring that payments can be received in as little as ten days.

Reducing Your Expenses with Specialized Billing

Our clients experience a reduction in office expenses through our services and software. All you need is a PC with internet access. Our comprehensive practice management software, accessible online, is part of our standard offering without additional costs for updates or support.

Preferred Health Resources stands out in the field of medical billing by providing a complete business solution for your medical billing and practice management needs, all for one fee. This includes all services and benefits, even the overnight shipping of your demographics.

Our fees are below the national average, with the aim of providing the highest return on your claims without compromising on service or patient support, at a competitive price.

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