Medical Billing Articles

November 20, 2012

What to Expect From a Florida Billing Company

Healthcare professionals are sometimes hesitant about outsourcing medical billing and collections, but the fact is many third-party billers are capable of collecting just as effectively as in-house employees – and for a lower cost. In fact, a successful medical billing company will act as an extension of your staff and will possess the resources to […]

October 30, 2012

Nevada Medical Billers Help Increase Patient Payments

Though the Affordable Care Act has put medical insurance within the reach of many, healthcare costs continue to rise and patients are paying more money out-of-pocket than ever before. When patients are unable to cover the cost of care (whether it is due to high co-payments and deductibles or financial difficulties), it can make healthcare […]

Iowa medical billing service rep October 23, 2012

Third-Party Medical Billers Facilitate Collections for Iowa Providers

Are you an Iowa provider struggling to meet your practice’s billing demands while providing high-quality patient care? Many small physician practices find that working with a third-party Iowa medical billing service is the best way to maximize revenue streams while focusing on care delivery. Here are some of the reasons why Iowa physicians choose third-party […]

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