Personal Injury Billing Services

medical billing outsourcingComprehensive Personal Injury Billing & Collection Services

Our comprehensive billing and collection services offer an effective and easy solution for your business. Our goal is to increase your productivity and cash flow and let you focus on your business, while we take care of the billing complexities.

How We Help

We take the time to understand your personal injury billing issues and provide solutions to make your business more profitable. We provide:

  • Comprehensive account receivables management
  • Certified professional coders to get you maximum reimbursements
  • Full electronic claims submissions to accelerate your payments
  • We include patient input, statements and follow up in our service
  • We are experts in collection methods with insurance companies
  • We have extensive knowledge in dealing with attorneys and liens

Personal Injury Billing Experts

Our billing experts are well versed in understanding the complexities of personally injury billing. With extensive knowledge and experience, they know the importance of using the correct codes and documentation to ensure maximum reimbursements in the shortest time possible.

5 Star Billing Services consistently delivers higher than average return rates for processed claims for our clients. We utilize a state-of-the-art billing system, and all claims are submitted electronically.

Coupled with our expertise in collection methods and working with insurance companies, we get you paid faster.

Benefits We Offer

  • Eliminate the stress of dealing with the attorneys.
  • Reduced Expenses as we perform your billing and collection services efficiently and economically.
  • Maximum Reimbursements and accelerated payments with our team of Certified Professional Coders.
  • Practice Management and Financial Reporting at the end of every month so you instantly know your claims history and outstanding accounts.
  • Technology Solutions with computer systems and software specifically developed for your personal injury billing needs.
  • Online Access so you can easily connect to patient data, including balances and transaction history.
  • Professional Expertise and Service with years of experience, we are experts in the field of personal injury billing and maintain high levels of customer service and support.

Electronic Claims Submission

Our advanced technology system submits and processes all claims online, greatly reducing payment wait times and improving your cash flow. Our software allows us to send your clinical documentation with the claim electronically.

Our electronic claims system also gives you:

  • Remote access to patient data
  • Ability to view patient balances and transaction history
  • Monthly detailed reports
  • Patient statements that are sent at least once per month

A Complete Solution to Personal Injury Billing

Our end-to end services work in partnership with your personal injury business. We see our goal as maximizing your revenue while reducing your expenses. We take care of the billing in the most effective way possible and ensure that we deliver maximum reimbursements.

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