What to Expect From a Florida Billing Company

November 20, 2012

Healthcare professionals are sometimes hesitant about outsourcing medical billing and collections, but the fact is many third-party billers are capable of collecting just as effectively as in-house employees – and for a lower cost. In fact, a successful medical billing company will act as an extension of your staff and will possess the resources to perform billing processes more efficiently than even your most skilled biller. At 5 Star Billing Services, we have the knowledge and expertise to do so.

Here are some of the services our Florida billing service offers healthcare organizations like yours:

Personalized attention. We understand the benefits of working with billers who know your practice and understand your medical specialty. Therefore, we make it a point to assign account executives with backgrounds comparable to yours. This will ensure that the professionals handling your practice’s billing tasks know your practice best.

Setup for new practices. New practices often experience delays in payment due to administrative oversights and poor planning. Whether you are running a family practice or surgery center, 5 Star Billing Services will help with all aspects of the billing and collections setup in order to prevent surprises and denied claims. This includes:

  • Insurance credentialing
  • Training for front desk staff
  • Top-quality billing software

We also provide our clients with a guarantee that things will get done correctly the first time around. By providing a hands-on approach to medical billing and collections, our staff can help you:

  • Get paid faster through speedy claims processing, 24-hour payment posting, and aggressive follow-up on denied claims.
  • Reduce costs by automating billing and collections processes and by eliminating the continued hiring and training of billing staff.

Do you have questions about how our Florida medical billers can save your practice time and money and help you focus on practicing medicine? Contact us to learn more.

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